Surah takathur

Numerous commentators believe that this Surah has been revealed in Mecca; then the subject mentioned in the Surah about vying and self-glorification is, customarily, referring to the tribes of Quraish who used to boast to each other, in vain, about worthless affairs. But, some others, such as the late Tabarsi who cited his idea in Majma'-al-Bayan, believe that the Surah was revealed in Medina, and what is said is it about vying and boasting in each other's sight refers to the Jews or to two tribes among the 'Ansar'. But, regarding the close similarity that this Surah, being Meccan, has with the Meccan Suras, seems more proper. The content of the Surah in general is firstly, a scorn on those people who, based on things of no value, boast to each other and secondly, there is a warning about the proposition of the Hereafter and the Hell-fire; and finally, warning that we will be questioned about the bounties in our life. It is obvious that these total rewards are for the one who recites it, practices it in his daily life and harmonizes his mind and soul with it. You shall soon know," 4. You shall soon know. Were you to know with the knowledge of certainty, you would beware! As we mentioned before, commentators believe that this Surah was revealed against the tribes who vied in boasting with one another and prided themselves on increasing their wealth, position, and the number of their adherents so to add to the number of men in each tribe, they even went to the cemetery and counted the tribal graves. Some believe that the meaning refers to two tribes from the tribes of Quraish in Mecca, while some others think it refers to two tribes from the helpers of the Prophet S , the Ansar, in Medina; and still, some relate it to the vying of the Jews to others, though to consider the Surah Meccan seems more appropriate.
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Quran Sheikh.
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After the bismillah , this Surah is concerned with factionalism and schism amongst people. Disagreements between individuals and groups follows us "even until you visit the tombs". Three times in a row the sura warns the reader that "you shall know" that those who sow discord are headed towards Hell. Here, proper understanding is required for entrance into Paradise , and should one not attain this on Earth, one will receive the "eye of certainty" on the Day of Judgment , when "you shall be questioned Nahj al-Balagha commentary on Al-Islam. This verse is also taken to mean that abundance of riches and progeny has made you forgetful till you reached the graves, but the utterance of Amir al-mu'minin supports the first meaning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List English translations by Ahmadis. Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Hermeneutics Persons related to verses. Quranic chapter.
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Al-Qari'ah Al-Asr. The words alhakum at-takathur of the original are too vast in meaning to be fully explained in a passage. Alhakum is from lahv which originally means heedlessness, but in Arabic this word is used for every occupation which engrosses man so completely that he becomes heedless of the more important things in life. When the word alhakum is made from this root, it will mean that man has become so obsessed with some occupation that he has lost sight of everything more important than it. He is preoccupied with it, is wholly lost in pursuit of it and this obsession has rendered him heedless of everything else in life. Takathur is from kathrat, which has three meanings: 1 That man should strive to gain more and more of everything. Therefore, alhakum at-takathur would mean: Takathur greed for more and more has so occupied you that its pursuit has made you heedless of every higher thing in life. In this sentence it has not been indicated as to abundance of what is meant in takathur, heedlessness of what is implied in alhakum, and who are the addressees of alhakum. In the absence of such an explanation, the words become applicable in their most general and extensive meaning. Thus, takathur does not remain restricted in meaning and application but applies to all the gains and benefits, pleasures and comforts, the passion for acquiring more and more means of power and authority, vying with others in pursuit of these and bragging and boasting of their abundance.

Quran Sheikh. You are going to know. If you only knew with knowledge of certainty… 6- You will surely see the Hellfire. Mutarrif narrated from his father, that he met up with the Prophet s. He tells us that while we are lost in the beauty of the distractions of the world, we stay needlessly busy in chasing, and thus away from the remembrance of Allah.

He says,. This means that such an activity keeps us busy and distracts us from what we should really be doing. We are wasting our time on something that is less important. The time that we spend in piling up material goods or accumulating more and more wealth could be spent on something more important. Do not let your wealth and children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. In Arabic, this word is used for every occupation which engrosses man to the extent that he becomes heedless of the important things in life. This applies to all the gains and benefits, pleasures and comforts, power and authority, etc.

Competing with others in getting a lot — For example, competing in wanting to get a better job than someone else. Even in petty things like competing in wanting a better chair than a friend at school or colleague at workplace, getting a bigger slice of cake. Wanting more and more. No one desires frugal living. The one thing that unites humans is the fact that we always want MORE. Having such an attitude distracts us from the real purpose of our creation. We should all look at ourselves how much time is spent in worshiping or remembering Allah and how much of it is spent in beautifying ourselves, beautifying our homes, beautifying our meals, etc.

People who accumulate wealth become heedless of Allah, of the Hereafter, of the moral bounds and moral responsibility of the rights of others and of their own obligations towards them. They want to acquire more and more of wealth no matter how and by what means it is acquired.

They desire to have more and more means of comfort and physical enjoyment and, overwhelmed by this greed, they have become wholly insensitive as to the ultimate end of this way of living. They are blindly engaged in this race of having more and more. They have no idea that all this is a means of filling earth with tyranny and wickedness and of destroying humanity itself.

In what pursuits am I spending my time?

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