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The girls had been driving all morning, so when they pulled into the driveway, I went outside to help them with their luggage. I walked down the stairs and saw a gorgeous girl unloading the car with my sisters. She was thin, and even as a guy, I could tell that she had her eyebrows professionally done. Her hair was more dirty blonde than natural blonde, which meshed beautifully with her olive-colored skin. Our eyes were locked as if there was a magnetic pull between the two of us. Her hands were so soft and gentle. She had tagged along for the ride, but was only staying the night. While making her decision, Alessandra was smirking. While everyone made their decisions, she took out this watermelon chap stick and applied it. I laughed out loud, while my sister looked on, shaking her head.
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Fucked my moms best friend I just wrote a story about hooking up after giving someone a ride home and it reminded me of the time I gave Moms friend a ride home from a nightclub when her car tore up. This happened in the early 90s. Marissa is sitting next to me and i can see she is very nervous. Well, my friend is paying me to have sex with my sister. My 18 year old sister is very popular in college and always brings her sexy friends round to Mum and Dads after school. Theirs one friend in particular named Shobha with long blonde hair, nice sized breasts and a ass to die for. It started like this, we were walking down the street in our neighborhood when we saw this gorgous chick in tight shorts I looked at my best friend and said I'd fuck her all night long and he said I bet you'd cum just seeing her naked. This is a print version of story How I fucked my sister's best friend! How I fucked my sister's best friend! It's wierd what puberty can do for a man

This story from Cousinfuck has been read 1 0 8 1 6 times. Fucking my sister's friend Written by Cousinfuck , on , genre cheating I went to church on sunday with my family. I still haven't told them that im dating my cousin. Im planning to do it soon but not yet. I haven't been to church in a while and I haven't seen a lot of the people in a long time since I've been busy with my job, my complicated romantic relationship with my cousin, etc. I saw my group of old childhood friends and I decided to say hello. I was romantically interested with 2 of them but they were way out of my league but they didn't like me in that way so I backed off. I lost interest in one in my teen years but I still have feelings for the blonde one but she, like I said was out of my league. Whatever, I get to fuck my hot cousin who is somehow into me but the blonde one will always be on my mind. The younger one is 4 years younger.

Friendly with his sister I remember this story very well. I was around 16 at the time. Me and my best friend were having a sleepover, at his house and towards the middle of the night started talking about… I remember this story very well. Me and my best friend were having a sleepover, at his house and towards the middle of the night started talking about girls in our school and stuff as we were becoming slightly horny.

We both admitted to each other than none of us had masterbated with someone else before and that we were curious to what it was like. So then we decided that we would try it to see what it felt like there and then. We both had blankets over us and were lying a couple of metres apart and both started jerking off. I remember at the time my friend getting some porn on the laptop as stimulation but I could only think of his sister at the time.

She was 1 college year older than me and my friend but only 8 months older due to me being born in september and my friend may I was only 8 months younger than his sister yet my friend and his sister were over a year apart. She was more curvey than most people in my school at the time. However she was 17 and had nice boobs and a lovely ass. We continued masterbating for around 5 mins and I kept on thinking about his sister until both of us felt and orgasm and we both came onto our stomachs, which we were excited about at the time.

I do remember us showing each other our dicks with cum on the end which could be seen as gay but we didnt think of at the time.

We were similar in length, around 6 inches hard at the time, the only difference was that I had more pubes than him. We went to sleep and woke up in the morning smiled at eachother and got on with our day as usual.

However, me and my best friend went round his again a couple of years later when I was 18 We had a few drinks and some food with a couple of friends and after everyone left gone midnight, I decided to help him clear up the house after with him and his sister.

He said that I could stay the night and that he was going to bed as he was tired so I stayed downstairs. For the last few months I had a thought that his sister was staring at me in college and she was talking to me a lot more. I decided to sit down with her as she was watching tv and we started to chat. In the same spot that me and my friend masterbated for the first time I told her that I had cummed over her before a couple of times.

She then admitted that she'd fancied me for a while and we started kissing on the sofa. She touched my crotch and I felt her amazing tits that I had dreamed about for a while. She undit my jeans and pulled out my dick that was semi hard. She brgan stroking and sucking cock and balls and then put it in her mouth.

She took her top off and we messed around, putting my dick in her tits, motorboating, twerking until she took off her shorts and started strumming herself and told me to finger her as she spead her legs over the sofa. I had emergency condoms in my bag incase of moments like this. I pulled one out of my bag and she didnt resist when I went to put it on. She spread her legs and spat on her lovely pussy as I put my hard dick inside her. I thrusted in and out of her pussy, trying not to make too much noise so that her brother wouldnt hear but he was upstairs on the other side of their big house.

We fucked for over 30 mins until I decided to take the condom off and let her finish the job with her mouth. She sucked hard and my cum shot out like a rocket over her C cup tits and onto her face.

This was the biggest load I have ever released and it was because of her. She took a picture of my dick and I took a picture of her naked with her tits and pussy out for private use. She kissed me and went upstairs to bed. I crashed out on the sofa after an hour of activity and I remember that as the best night of my life. More friend sex stories you might enjoy. By the time I got back Barbara… Read Story. Grinding your horny body… Read Story.

This story involves one of… Read Story. Lara was a lot younger than… Read Story. Please register or login. Sex Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. Get your erotica book featured here.

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